Flow Experience

As I wrote in the article on “Increasing Concentration Enhances Happiness” on page 3/4, I myself focused on how to improve concentration and tried various things. 

Among them, I found articles and research related to “flow and zone called” a state where I was completely focused on the subject so that I could forget about time “, found it on the Internet, read it, and read related books. .

First of all, I will share the definition of the flow and the state where it is easy to enter the flow.

What is a flow?

What we are doing at that moment is characterized by a feeling of total immersion and energetic concentration, who is fully immersed and mentally engaged in activities in which the process is successful in vigor. It is called a zone or peak experience. Proposed by psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, the concept has been widely discussed in all fields.

My own flow experience?

Applying the above flow definition to myself, the time when I was fishing in a lake in New Zealand for my hobby of trout fishing (I sharpened my senses to a blind person I was forgotten about everything else, and I still remember the feeling of immersion when I was a child when I entered the mountain in the summer to collect beetles and stag beetles.

It may be easier for children to focus on what they are interested in purely. As an adult, it is necessary to carry out various things at the same time, and if you have various responsibilities and anxiety and troubles go around, it may not be the flow.

Then, when is it easier to enter the flow state? According to Mihai Chiksent Mihai

6 conditions to enter the flow (easy to enter)

1. Clear purpose (can recognize expectations and laws)

2. Focusing and concentration, advanced concentration in areas with limited attention. (People involved in the activity have the opportunity to concentrate and explore it)

3. Lower sense of self-consciousness, fusion of activity and awareness.

4. Time-sensitive distortion-Change of our proactive experience to time

5. Direct and immediate reactions (successes and failures in the course of activity are clear and behaviors are adjusted as needed)

6.Balance between ability level and difficulty level (activity is neither too easy nor too difficult)

7. Sense of self-control of situations and activities.

8. Activities have intrinsic value, so activities do not bother you.
Will be.

For myself, in order to become a master of happiness, I think it will be important to have many flow experiences in my future life. I’ll do my best to introduce my own flow experience on this blog.


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