Wife, Daughter and Dog’s Happiness

One of the purposes of this blog is to record experimentally the trajectory to become a master of happiness.

In the meantime, I was wondering if my happiness was connected to the happiness of my wife, daughter, and dog.

Is my happiness becoming a selfish happiness?

Am I not selling happiness?

Especially, when I was thinking about disciplining my daughter who is 4th grade of elementary school and my pet dog who is 7 months old, what I am doing for my daughter and my pet dog is to just impose my values ​​and ideal image on them. Is it really an action or behavior that considers the happiness of the other person?

What I am proud of is that people weren’t born to be compared, they were born to be happy. What I am doing to my daughter and dog is the exact opposite. Isn’t it?

While thinking about such things, I saw clearly four conditions that I read somewhere before that helped me develop happiness, and it became clear that I was lack of them. 

Be loved
To be praised
To be needed
Be grateful

From now on, I want to convey my loving feelings, praise rather than scold, acknowledge the existence as it is, and thank you for always being with me.

Thank you.



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